Oct. 21st, 2007

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Death Note is premiering on Cartoon Network RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

Aug. 29th, 2007

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two years ago, today.

EDIT: Thank you, everyone, for being here when my family and I needed to hear from someone.
roses 'n' lace--shusu
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edit: the papers are signed, the beds come Thursday, we get the utilities transferred tomorrow,eeeee!

Wow, that was fast^^

roses 'n' lace--shusu
We may be moving into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house for 6 months next week--they're replacing carpets and painting a room or so, but it's not far from here, it's actually a little closer to "town", and Dad and Jay pronounce it nice (haven't seen it yet, but will try over the weekend). Squeeee!^^

City Quiz--via Shusu


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This is a test post from Photobucket.com
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I present to you:


(Hit the 'Global' link on the right-hand side!)
It is full of ferocious mushrooms and snails and NPCs that say the oddest things. Not a whole lot of clothes or weapons to choose from, but it's the beta version, I believe, so things will only get better? Did I mention the cute factor?^^ There are three worlds to choose from; you can have, I think, up to 3 charas per world, and they can go from channel to channel within each world (but no crossing worlds)...I have 3 right now, 2 in Broa (Vangelis666 and Tucker620, created today^^) and 1 in Scania (VioletBear, also created today^^).
yes, I'm addicted, so sue me #^^#

o.o and \^^/

roses 'n' lace--shusu
Anyone knowing of bread-baking anime/manga, please comment here. Also golf anime/manga, if such exists (because I wanna *know*, man^^)And, how close are Ragnarok Online and MapleStory to Flyff?
...Flyff... :( (are they going to just bop charas down to Vagrants or nuke them completely? o.o)

hi, all

roses 'n' lace--shusu
Just got to my Uncle Frank's in St. Mary's, GA. Tired but all right.Thank you all so much--haven't read back yet, but heard Mako tracked us?...will catch up and update tomorrow, but:
5 days in the Superdome
2 days in the Kenner airport
2?3? days in Lady of the Seas General Hospital in Cut Off, LA (great place, wonderful people, thank you to all the doctors, nurses, their families and volunteers!)
Not even a full day at the Larose Civic Center, because they found two ladies to *drive* us to my Great-Uncle A.C.'s house! What a ride! Thank you, Nikki and Sherryl (please excuse the spelling!)

To whom it may concern,

roses 'n' lace--shusu
We're keeping an eyeball on things, and will leave if/when we have to. We'll see if Katrina's our Big One. She may at least inspire Category 6. Will report in afterwards, when we can. Love you all^^
roses 'n' lace--shusu
This is VH-1's 50 Worst Songs List. I bolded the ones I like and am dern proud of! Mostly!

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Wrenlet-memeeee^^ (and madamblue, too^^)

Aug. 19th, 2005

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fear the cuteness! rawr! Oh, yes--new Pokemon tomorrow^^

it's a ramble, but it's short^^

roses 'n' lace--shusu
Didn't wait around for too long--today was just to turn in the paper we filled out with basic info, and get a schedule--four days in September, all in the first part. I think I'll keep my bag packed^^

In other news:
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Flyff kid count:
1)Assist Madeline
2)Jackson Vega, currently Vagrant, will become Magician
3)...looking for names for a third, still no decision on a boy or girl. Might chicken out and give a gender-neutral name...at least I've decided they aren't related?^^

random pitterpatter

roses 'n' lace--shusu
In Greek/Roman mythology, Hercules cross-dressed once, right? Something involving Atalanta, the Amazon queen? How foggy's my memory?^^
Why do binturong smell like corn chips? Are they bigger than wolverines? Are they related to wolverines? Why are baby hippos so cute?^^
Quiz results thanks to burakkupansa

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post-concert rarazzzz...

roses 'n' lace--shusu
went to work 2 hrs early, sat in for half an hour of niiiice instrumentals, sort of jazzy-flavored, and many pretty lights and huge video panels, and heard everything from my post at the ground entrance (floor, press box and disabled access only, don't bother begging and bribery doesn't work, especially with a five? please!)Recognized 4-5 songs, heard some others that also had me kinda-dancing in place...I blame it all on Evan, of course. Yep. All his fault...so, how many albums did they make, and why is the number/year 1978 associated with them?^^

Work schedule and weather notes

roses 'n' lace--shusu
Sunday, July 10th--Kelly Clarkson; sign-in time 5:30pm, *provisional on weather*CANCELLED!
Wednesday, July 13th--Duran Duran; sign-in time 6pm
Sunday, July 24th--Def Leppard; sign-in time 5pm
Tuesday, August 2nd--The Wiggles (2 shows); 1pm sign-in time

Tropical Storm Cindy's coming by now; power's blinking in and out, so I'm typing this up right quick. She'll have likely blown herself out by morning, so a few days clear, then Hurricane Dennis should grace us with his prescence by Sunday evening, in which case the concert will NOT go on, because the Lakefront Arena wasn't named on a whim!

In gaming news, I've just managed to clear out the Shadow Pokemon Lab in Pokemon Colosseum; the next stage, the last in the regular Story Mode, takes place in Realgam Tower, which they've been building since the game began. I used a walkthrough to peep at the levels of upcoming Pokemon?...I need to train all my kids up 10-20 levels >.< They should mention, in fixing the Ruby/Sapphire Berry Glitch, that it takes up to a month or more of playing if you can't play the games for a few hours *every* day. Ah, well, Ruby's kinks are nearly worked out, and once fixed, will never have to be re-de-glitched again. Yay! Restarted Digimon World 3, getting Fishing Pole ingredients together. Both YGO games are laughing at me. The Castlevanias are also having giggles. I think it may be time for walkthroughs for all four of them, if possible. *smacks random pale-haired brat upside the head*
I've returned all but three books, due on the 12th. So much afterglow!^^

hoola boola, it's hot =p~~~

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I just signed up for two dance recitals. In a row. Tomorrow and Saturday.
To balance it, I went buck-wild at the library yesterday--brought my slightly overdue ones (due Monday)back with a couple from the next set (due Monday coming). Read until 5? 6? Happily, did not fall asleep on my glasses^^ List upcoming in other journal. I think I need to start using the little ice cream maker Lorie left here.
A lot.
For all sorts of things.
roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
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and now Auntie Nacey will be going to bed^^

work schedule

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
This week:
May 17, 2k5: Chappelle grad (high school), 7pm (5pm sign-in)
May 18, 2k5: St. Augustine grad (high school), 3pm (1pm sign-in)
May 19, 2k5: Warren Easton grad (high school), 10am (8am sign-in)
May 20, 2k5: UNO Grad (affiliated college), 7pm (5pm sign-in; will likely run to 10-11pm)
Edit1: All done! All! Yay! *falls over*

Next week:
May 25, 2k5: McDonough grad (high school), 10am (8am sign-in)
McMain grad (high school), 3pm (1pm sign-in)
May 26, 2k5: Reed grad (high school), 10am (8am sign-in)
Walker grad (high school), 8pm (6pm sign-in, I can come home between)

Edit2: Was called in for Tuesday--one 8am, *start* of one at 3pm--after having stayed up until 6am. Never, ever again >.< Survived Wednesday the 25th--currently have feet up, digesting dinner, will go to sleep soon and not wake up until alarm. Tomorrow's the stretch, when I WILL be napping @ home between, and after the second one--well no, just bed. =p
I will sleep late Friday in further celebration^^

A Toast

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
To mothers: the ones who are here, near, and dear; the ones far but beloved; and the ones who we'll meet up with after the dance is done.

May. 4th, 2005

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Survived six days of Disney On Ice (Finding Nemo On Ice--odd, but good) and looping right into the Merry Month of Graduations! First one is this Saturday at 10am--which means I sign in for 8am. Oogh. Then off to my uncle's to hang out with Honey (grandma!) Sunday afternoon. More workday joy later^^

welcome to the nutball orchard^^

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Got this meme-beast from Shusu; am not really a writer, but will do my best/strangest?

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roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
One of the supervisors called, here's the upcoming hoohah:

Tomorrow--Customer Service Seminar, 6pm

Saturday--JobONE Job Fair, very very early @ father's church (going, not working^^)
--Harlem Globetrotters, 4pm

March 25--Slipknot, 4pm--it's going to be a very loud night, isn't it?

Easter Sunday--Beacon Light Sunrise Service, 7am-1:30pm

April 16--Ashlee Simpson contest, 5:30pm (Friday)--teenybopper attack!^^

April 18--Motley Crue, 5:30pm (Monday)--their parents get to rock out while they're doing homework!^^

Moxibustion--heat acupuncture (mugwort cigar near lil' toe to turn baby from breech to normal delivery position--lady went back and was checked a week later, and baby *had* turned!)--seen on CBS news affiliate today (well, 3/14/2k5)

a link or two:

quiz from Shusu^^

Meme yoinked from Fablespinner!

Randomality storm ahead, cap'n!

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
One of my cousin's kids is going to France as an exchange student! They found out and called everyone. I'm so proud^^

toon notes, in reverse, up to this point: DBZ-GT: Whaaaaaaaa? Eeeeeee! (this is the non-spoilery version; anyone who watched it will know what I mean^^)
JLUnlimited: Bwaahahah! Okay, *now* I see where I got that from--Jonah Hex! #^^#
One Piece (morning): Anyone remember the name of the show with mixed-up critters like Bumblelion and Rhinokey (sp)?...loved Bumblelion...think my brother had a plushy one^^

gamernote: In Chocobo Racing, especially in the higher levels, always remember if Squall is one of your rivals! If he's in the race, watch him at *all times*! Him dropping to the rear is a BAD thing, his special weapon takes out all racers from the back to the front!...brat >.

Jan. 21st, 2005

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meme from Shusu

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Scan my interest list and pick out the one that seems the most odd to you. Leave a comment asking me about it, and I’ll explain it.

Then post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.
roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu

You Are a Golden Retriever Puppy

Tolerant, fun-loving, and patient.
You are eager to please - and attached to your frisbee.

Thank you, McTabby^^

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
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then this happened...
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and, er...
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someone stop me now^^
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no words...
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I will now do a cluster for my other LJ, and then go to bed. Which I apparently *need* to do...though, I can kind of see the AD/SB and Remus/Gilderoy would be funny?...yep, bed. Here we go!
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Thank you and good night!

Survey found via Fablespinner

Ohhh, Shusu?^^

Humpday meme


roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu


roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
1. Notes on filmed production of The Nutcracker Suite seen on our PBS station today:
a) Love the angels--old-style, with crowns and multi-colored wings that look as brocaded? tapestried? as their ball gowns/robes. Absolutely cannot see St. Michael in this level of fancy dress except under duress^^
b) Still in habit of losing interest after the battle with the Mouse/Rat King. At least I managed to get all the way through once, so I know there's a happy ending?
c) Okay, the guys HAVE to be wearing some sort of padded protection, right?!? They can't all be that...big, can they?
d) The Mouse/Rat King was the biggest person on stage for this version--he had to be, since the Nutcracker jumped on his back, and *he* wasn't short/small
e) Okay, why does the godfather-magician remind me of Lockhart...or Liberace?^^
f) Is Clara a godchild of his? Is the Nutcracker one, too? So, there are people taking vendettas out on the families of his godkids because of him? How many does he have, anyway? Did he happen to think that Clara and the Nutcracker would make a good couple, or did he need a virgin to help break the curse?^^

2. When did Friday happen?
3. It is predicted it'll be 73 degrees Fahrenheit here by next Thursday.
Tonight, we may have snow flurries--and they *did* further north! Eeee!^^
4. Sing-out to crafty people: Can you make a jean bag out of old blue jeans? Or blue jean shorts? (the long shorts, not cut-down jeans)If such a thing is possible, would anyone be interested in taking up such a challenge for the new year? Would be willing to pay, for I have no spiffy sewing skillz; all I can do is repair work, buttons back on, minor holes, hems (mostly) straight.
5. Okay, if Hagrid is nine feet tall, how tall are full giants, usually? Why do I keep remembering the number 20? And isn't one of the Death Eater main baddies part giant, too?
6. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! =D
roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
If we were to meet under the mistletoe, would you kiss me?


copy and repost! see who wants to kiss you!

*wafting online*

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
so. tired.
not used to kids anymore. Not when they're wired. Which they seemed to be until they fell over sideways at 3am? o.O;;
then the battery on their car died and the tire blew last night. They made it here all right (cab) and spent another night (3am yet again! They seem to be insomniacs only *here*!!!). The car is working, they are on their way back to Houston, they WILL call us as soon as they get in, or their answering machine will be full of, "Are you home yet? Is everyone okay?" from 9-10pm on, because we worry^^
I will be on whenever I regain consciousness? Which may be required later to pooch-proof the porch so they don't end up swimming, or knocking on the back door and requesting entry in English.
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good snnsxxx...

Edit: They called at 10:30pm, just before falling over sideways themselves.

If you fool with generators long enough...

roses &#39;n&#39; lace--shusu
Ohhh, Spoke?^^ bwahahaha! *evil, evil grin*

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